Airtel HD Digital TV brings you the highest form of television viewing experience. Once you have experienced the Airtel HD Television, you will realize what were you missing till now. In terms of television viewing experience, High Definition to Standard Definition is what Color TV is to Black & White TV. With Airtel’s HD digital clarity combined with dolby digital plus 7.1 surround sound, you see and hear everything exactly as it is.

Airtel HD Features:

  • High Definition Resolution – 1080X1920 resolution [more than 2.07 million pixels for 5 times sharper picture than standard definition]
  • Dolby Digital Sound – Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 surround sound to give you theatre like experience in living room
  • Wide Aspect Ratio – Wide aspect ratio of 16:9 which is suited for eyes having more horizontal than vertical span
  • HDMI Output – High definition multimedia interface output

Cost of Airtel HD:

Airtel HD Digital TV costs you only Rs.1250 more than what normal Airtel Digital TV costs you. So if you want to want to book any Airtel Package with HD Set Top Box, just choose any one of the options from – Airtel Channel Packages – and pay Rs.1250 extra to get Airtel HD Set Top Box instead of normal box.

For booking Airtel HD for delivery anywhere in India, Call 08030412994 [Extn: 15].

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